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Benefits of Ghee incense with cow dung of Gaumata

It is believed in the Vedas that the atmosphere is purified by burning jaggery ghee. By using this, Dev Dosh and Pitra Dosh are used. There is no crisis in the house.
By burning it, peace of mind is also maintained in the mind. Using this sunlight also destroys the germs in the atmosphere and removes negativity.

The use of Guna Ghee incense along with cow dung of Gau Mata provides peace in mind, body and home. Exposes all types of negative energy present in the house. The Vastu of the house also fixes defects, it also helps in removing many minor bad effects.

Burning dhupabatti made from jaggery ghee, cow dung of Gaumata daily in your house can remove very bad effects. And it is also good for our health.

When we use incense lights made from pure dung jaggery ghee, its smoke provides divine peace and happiness. Apart from this, Pitars are also happy.

The reason for giving incense in our Hindu religion is stated to be very important. So our company Shuddh Desi Products has made this Dhupbatti with a mixture of Jaggery, Gomata cow dung and camphor so that one Dhupbatti is included in the market so that we don’t have much trouble in the market to make it You can do this every day or in havan pujan which leaves a very beneficial effect.

Our pure domestic product company has manufactured this Dhupbatti according to our Vedas. So that we can choose the right one and also protect our family and environment.
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