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Goushrestha is a dairy farm located in village Dwarkapuri, Dist- kanker, Chhattisgarh. our motive is to deliver you pure and natural products. no compromise with the quality is our slogan.  

In our online store we sell Shudh Desi Cow Ghee. which are made form the A2 milk of desi indian desi cow breed (Gir). this desi cows milk contain all the important & natural nutrition which are good for your health, body and mind.

As we all know the adulteration taking place around us. each an every product today is adulterated and mixed & made of chemicals. which are unhygienic and unhealthy.

Our goal is making the availability of best quality, pure, healthy & hygienic milk product at your door step. we ensure the quality and best value products. 


Make sure the availability of pure and hygienic dairy product to all  

Preparation method:

Goushrestha cow ghee is prepared by traditional Vedic bilona Hand churned method. In this process around 30 Liter of Milk is used to make just 1 Liter of ghee! It has all the properties as described in Vedas and Ayurvedic Shahtras. It is the essence of milk, rather heating the cream obtained directly from milk.


COW Feed and Management:

We Feed Green Grass and Bio Bloom pellets which contains protein, energy, minerals and vitamins required for the growth, maintenance and milk production of animals. Cows are  grazing in the open field. we keep our all cow with us till death do not sell to the slaughters. 


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