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Benefits of Guggul Dhupbatti

We use Guggul with cow dung of Gaumata. So it gives us very good results. The smoke of cow dung and Guggul makes the atmosphere pure. He creates a positive environment by removing negative things.

Advanteges of  Guggul

Guggul is also used as an aromatic medicine. Its aroma is very sweet. Guggul’s fragrance also destroys brain pain and related diseases Google has also been considered beneficial for heart pain.

Along with lighting the Guggul, it is also used as a medicine.

  • Guggul is considered a form of nectar. Guggul also helps in eliminating many major diseases. like
  • Guggul is very beneficial in diabetes.
  • Guggul is also very helpful in removing acidity.
  • It also provides relief in our joint pain.
  • If there is any kind of swelling in our body part, Guggul acts as nectar to remove it.
  • It is very helpful in removing any type of wound and blister in our body.
  • Prevents hair fall also. It is believed that it is also helpful in curing stomach related diseases.

There are many advantages of Guggul. Apart from eating it, it is also used as a medicine in Ayurveda. By cutting the stem of Google, it resembles a kind of glue in it. And it becomes solid after cooling.

Guggul has a special place as a herbal medicine in India. It is very beneficial for health. Guggul are like glue, which is hot and bitter. This car is fragrant, multi-colored and flammable.

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