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Goushrestha Cow Dung Panchagavya Dhoop Batti (30 Sticks)
Goushrestha Cow Dung Panchagavya Dhoop Batti (30 Sticks)

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Goushrestha Cow Dung Panchagavya Dhoop Batti

निर्माण सामग्री – 

  • देसी गाय का गोबर,
  • देसी घी,
  • दूध, दही,
  • गौ मूत्र,
  • कपूर 
  • हवन सामग्री 

यहां धूप बत्ती कितने समय तक जलता है ? – 45 Minuts 

Fragrance (सुगंध) – चुकी बाजार में उपलब्ध सारे सुगंध Chemical से बने होते है इसलिए हमने यह धुप बत्ती बनाने में फूलों के पाउडर का उपयोग किया है जिससे आपको घर में हवन होने की अनुभूति होगी (Fragrance Like Hawan)

Desi cow dung dhoop batti Made from pure desi cow dung, and 10 types of natural herbs goushrestha dhoop

Benefits of lighting goushrestha panchagavya dhoop benefits

  1. It help to produce Oxygen in the atmosphere
  2. Vastu Dosh of home removes
  3. Purifies the atmosphere and destroys negative energy
  4. Keep away micro-harmful bacteria and mosquitoes

The agarbattis available in the market are made from chemicals and bamboo, which burns to produce harmful smoke which contaminates the home environment and is very harmful to health as well, whereas ours dhoop is made from cow dung, and 10+ Natural Herbs and natural dhoop batti which clean the environment of your home without any harmful effect


  1. Desi Cow Dung
  2. Desi Cow Ghee
  3. Camphora
  4. Cow Milk, Curd
  5. Hawan Samagri
  6. Gou Mutra
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 cm
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  1. Real dhoop like home havan

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  2. panchgawye ki kushbu pure ghar me bhot der tak rheti hai

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  3. My first purchase was so satisfying that willing to order again as soon as this lot is finished. Please keep up with the quality as you do now. Thank you

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  4. Good dhoop my favourite

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  5. Super quality and perfect dhoop like hawan

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