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The cow dung made from cow dung is for our environment. Beneficial

Eliminate the negative faults of our house. There are benefits in every way from cow dung to condiments.
According to our Hindu religious beliefs, cow dung cakes are very beneficial. If they are used at home, then no obstacle bothers you.

Negative faults are never caused by the smoke of cow dung in the house. Also, whatever negative defects are there in the house. They also go away. Let us know. How cow dung cakes are so beneficial for us and the environment.
1. According to Vastu, the smoke of cow dung in the house negatively affects the life of the family members.
2. Auspicious results are seen by burning cow dung cakes at home or temple. There is accumulation of positive energy in the house.
3. It is considered good to smoke cow dung in the house by adding camphor and desi ghee to it. This destroys the viruses present in the atmosphere.
4. Burn the cow dung and put yellow mustard on it and smoke in the house by burning it, which fixes the architecture of the house.
5. Mata Lakshmi lives in the house due to smoke of cow dung in her house. And also the wasteful expenditure of money can also be avoided.
6. Smoke of cow dung hump is considered very auspicious and beneficial in pooja lessons.
7. It is considered very auspicious to burn cow dung in the Puja text and offer camphor, betashe and clove in it.
8. Regularly burning cow dung in homes helps to eliminate any type of Vastu dosha.
9. Cow dung is considered very pure and beneficial according to the scriptures. Therefore, it is definitely beneficial to use it during worship.
10. Smoke of dung cow dung should be done in the house, due to which Laxmi ji resides in the house. And many types of diseases and troubles end.

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