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Ajinomoto is very harmful for health

Ajinomoto is a spice to drive the mind crazy. Do not mistakenly give confection in weddio-parties, a chemical called mono sodium glutamate (M.S.G.) in the form of a white powder or crystal in the cuisine, especially in the Chinese variety, which is known as Ajinomoto. Its use has increased a lot.
Don’t know what it really is. The name Ajinomoto is actually from the original Chinese company that made it. This is a chemical, after touching on the tongue, the tongue gets filled with flavor and due to its fake taste, we like it. It should be said that eating rotten or tasteless food also looks good.
The use of this chemical disrupts the neural network between the body parts – muscles and brain, which have far-reaching side effects. According to physicians, the use of Ajinomoto can cause 1-allergy, 2-stomach puffiness, 3-headache, 4-chest irritation, 5-body tissue swelling, 6-migraine etc. Diseases caused by Ajinomoto have become so widespread.
These are now called Chinese Restaurant Syndrome. Brain hemorrhage can occur in the long term due to which there is paralysis. Ajinomoto is banned in many countries like USA. Don’t know why Food Safety and Standard Authority of India has not banned Ajinomoto in India.
The Safe Food Abhiyan (“Safe Food Abhiyan”) has one of the most appealing appeal to readers not to bring it to Ajinomoto, even if it is brought by the confectioner in the parties. The confectioner will say that the chaat will not be fun, yet boycott it completely. Whatever happens (AFTER ALL), those who eat party food are your loved ones, they should not fall ill after having a party here! When you have given all the good stuff. So people will enjoy eating even without Ajinomoto, you can rest assured.
Ajinomoto then disguises the inefficiency of the confectioner and the rugs around the hotels, dhabas, caterers, street food vendors, are added to make your brain feel delicious. How can we punish the inefficiency of confection to our loved ones, so we all have to wake up and then we can stop it.

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