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Basil is very beneficial

Shuddh Desi Product Company has made such a soap from extracts of Tulsi which is very beneficial for our body skin. Basil extracts are also drunk. Which makes it a medicine. But bathing with its soap also gives beneficial effects to our skin.

Our country is a country of Ayurveda. We have been using Ayurveda since the Vedas. That is why the holy basil has its own place. This is a fragrant plant. Whether it is in the form of leaves or as essential oil, it gives us the gift of beautiful skin. like

Removes skin burns

,, It purifies the blood by using basil. And toxins are released from your body.

,, This basil prevents skin burns.

,, Basil is used to prevent acne and pimples

,, It contains sandalwood paste along with rose water, neem also helps in preventing acne.

Can use it regularly to remove blackheads

Removes spots and Nissan.

, Can remove traces by mixing basil and gram flour.

,, Basil has antibacterial properties. Which helps to remove Nissan and spots.

Maintains skin care.

,, The skin of our face looks young and light with the use of basil.

,, Using it on the face and neck, can see the result of basil.

,, Make the skin shiny. So use basil powder on your face and black spots can be removed.

,, Tulsi treats many skin infections by limiting the growth of bacteria such as E. coli and B. anthracis.

,,, Basil is also very beneficial for the treatment of ringworm.

,, To remove itching and eczema, drinking basil juice is beneficial.

,, Grinding Tulsi and Mint and applying it to the affected area gives immediate benefits.

Basil has properties of keeping Jawa.

Basil quickly removes signs of aging. Apply basil powder, multani mitti, milk, honey and coconut oil face pack, and after drying, wash the skin thoroughly.

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