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Dung and neem incense sticks are effective in repelling mosquitoes

Shuddh Desi Product Company has manufactured a mosquito dhupabatti. Which has prepared a Dhupbatti from a mixture of cow dung powder, neem, Tejapatta camphor. Which is very effective in warding off mosquitoes in our house.

And neem and cow dung are used in Vastu purification. For this reason if we use this Dhupbatti. So the architectural purification of our home gate also happens. And also destroys many types of bacteria in the atmosphere. In our Hindu culture, Vastu is overcome by burning cow dung neem of cow goddess. It is also mentioned.

Neem, along with being healthy, is used to ward off mosquitoes. Neem, a powerful anti-fungal anti-fungal antivirus in neem, emits a special type of odor in our skin which acts to repel mosquitoes.

It can be used to burn mosquito by burning dhupabatti made from a mixture of dung powder and neem powder whose smoke is also not harmful.

Along with cow dung, camphor also acts as a deterrent to mosquitoes. To see the true benefits of this, close the window doors of your house and burn camphor, the mosquito dies after its smoke spreads.

Mosquito escapes by burning with neem leaves and cow dung. By burning lemon peel, you can use it to ward off mosquito.

Keeping in mind the EC, we have created this mosquito incense. So that we can take advantage of it and there is no harm of any kind due to the smoke emanating from it and we can also use it in the purification of the environment and our home.

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