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The properties present in cow dung which is pure.

Using dhupabatti made from cow dung has been considered very beneficial. It purifies the atmosphere. And also helps in increasing the amount of oxygen.

Benefits of ash of sunlight

The use of its ash after burning in dhupabatti also helps in controlling many diseases like considerable fever reversal pressure. But it is advisable to use it only under the supervision of the doctor, because it is necessary to have knowledge of how much to take.

Benefit from sunlight

Burning the Godhupbatti experiences strength in the body. Diseases also start to get away from it because chemical incense is very much used in the market. That is why it leaves very harmful effects in our body. For this reason we should use a light made from cow dung to keep us healthy.

Removes homelessness and negativity.

Dhoopbatti made from cow dung of Gau Mata is made from a mixture of herbs like camphor, Google spikenard. Therefore, it helps to remove our planetary and negative energy. And the planet also removes minor ill effects from constellations. It also removes Dhupbatti Pitridosh. He completes the Pitra Yajna.

Bamboo is considered to be the cause of Pitra dosha due to the incense sticks made in the market from bamboo and chemical. In our Hindu culture, burning bamboo is considered taboo. Nevertheless, we are ignoring it even after knowing it. According to our Sanatan culture, we are considered auspicious to use dhupabatti made from cow dung of Gau Mata.

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