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Ghee is used in yajna.

Milk, desi cow’s ghee have special importance in worship and religious work. The smoke that comes out when offering the ghee is sacrificed and the lamp of ghee is lit while performing the yajna. That smoke is also beneficial for our environment. use of ghee in worship is considered very pure. Its smoke destroys the harmful virus in the air. And destroys negative energy and brings purity to the environment.

Pure ghee keeps diseases away and is also beneficial for treatment.
Consumption of pure desi ghee reduces the risk of diseases like weight and sugar. Also keeps our metabolism fine. Ghee also controls weight. Not only eating desi cow’s ghee, it is also used for treatment. Which has been considered very beneficial.
Ghee is also helpful in eliminating phlegm. Heat the ghee a little and put a little salt in it and massage it on the chest and back, the complaint of phlegm is removed.
Vitamin g is found in desi cow’s ghee. Which acts to remove the calcium deposited in the blood cells. This keeps our blood circulation right. Desi Ghee strengthens our immune system. Which gives us strength to fight against diseases.
Pure desi cow’s ghee dissolves the fat stored in the body and converts it into vitamins. Apart from this, by mixing cow’s ghee in the food, the food gets digested quickly. Due to which our body remains healthy and healthy.

Purpose of pure desi product
The aim of the pure desi product is that we can bring pure pure ghee to you so that everyone can come out of the world of adulteration and make our life healthy and beautiful and prosperous.
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