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Benefits of eating poppy seeds

Poppy poppy is very beneficial for our health. Poppy is also used as a medicine. It is also often used in making poppy sweets. In winter, poppy pudding is also eaten in homes.

Poppy is also used to cure digestion. They are beneficial for our health along with enhancing the taste of dishes. But it must be pure, it must be pure desi.

Measles are very beneficial

Vitamins, a protein in poppy, are considered a good source of omega 6 fatty acids. Poppy also comes in the category of complete healthy food. It plays a very good role in our physical development, from building cells of our body and taking proper care of muscles.

Protein deficiency affects our health very badly. Therefore poppy can be beneficial for us. Together, the amount of omega 6 fatty acids present in us or someone who has diabetes. It is helpful in keeping it under control. And poppy also helps to keep the blood circulation correct.

Is beneficial for heart disease

Poppy contains a significant amount of dietary fiber. This is why it helps in lowering cholesterol. Due to which we get good help in prevention of heart diseases.

Poppy is a good source of fiber

Poppy contains abundant fiber, due to which it is very helpful in our digestion. And in the problem of indigestion, the consumption of poppy seeds removes our indigestion problem.

Thyroid is helpful

Zinc present in poppy seeds is very helpful in removing the thyroid problem. Poppy is considered one of the best foods for thyroid patients. Apart from this, the use of zinc also helps in increasing our unity, which gives strength to fight many diseases.

Note: – It is very important to use the right amount of poppy seeds. By the way, it is generally safe to consume. But overusing it can also have its side effects. Therefore it is advisable. That it should also seek medical advice

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