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Cow Dung Dhoop Batti Benefits

Cow Dung Dhoop Batti Benefits

The incense stick made of desi cow dung is very beneficial. Everyone should light incense sticks daily in their home, office because cow dung incense sticks are very beneficial. Let us know about its benefits. We all know how toxic the air has become these days. Due to which there is also problem in breathing. But if you light incense sticks made of cow dung in your house, it purifies the air inside your house well and removes the toxic elements present inside the air. It is because of its usefulness that ghee is mixed in cow dung incense sticks which has been going on since ancient times. Which is used to purify the environment.

Cow Dung Dhoop Batti “5 Amazing Benefits”

1) Its removes mental stress

Burning incense made of pure organic dhoop batti cow dung removes mental stress and gives peace to the mind. If you stand for some time every day in its aroma then it will calm your mind and mind and will also work to reduce stress.

2) Its kills the bacteria, Purify the environment

Till date you have been lighting only ordinary incense sticks in your house. But do you know that it is of no use? It does not kill any kind of bacteria and contaminates the environment on the contrary. Because different types of chemicals are used to make this type of two sticks, but if you use desi cow dung incense sticks, then camphor, ghee, jatamasi, guggul etc. found inside it, the bacteria present in the environment of your house. Works to eliminate and keeps you and the environment healthy.

Cow Dung Dhoop Batti Benefits

3) Its removes negative energy from the house 

There is also an advantage of using dung incense sticks as compared to a common incense stick, that it is also very useful in removing any kind of negative energy present in the house and the smoke of dung incense does not harm anyone. He only gives profit.

4) Its incense stick of cow dung makes the atmosphere attractive.

Cow Dung Dhoop Batti Due to being made from a mixture of things like frankincense, google in the dung incense stick, when you burn it, it absorbs the foul smell present in the surroundings and fills the aroma in the atmosphere. In a way, it makes the atmosphere attractive.

5) Cow Dung Dhoop Batti Benefits its also removes planetary effects

The astrologer also says that cow dung incense sticks are very suitable to remove the effects of the planet. If any planet is having bad influence on you, then buy incense sticks made of pure cow dung from the market or online and burn it daily in your house. The bad effects of the planet will go away on its own, keep in mind that the incense stick is made from the inclusion of herbs in pure cow dung, otherwise this chemical-rich incense sticks has a bad effect on the body and the environment.

Cow Dung Dhoop Batti Benefits over bamboo incense sticks

Do you know that bamboo wood is used in the scented incense sticks available in the market. And burning of bamboo wood is considered inauspicious in Hinduism. Bamboo is not burnt even inside the pyre. Although a dead person is carried on top of bamboo sticks, those woods are kept outside while lighting the pyre.

Cow Dung Dhoop Batti Benefits of burning dhoop in home according to Hindu religion, burning bamboo causes Pitra Dosh. However, there is not only religious reason behind this. There is a hidden scientific reason behind this. Bamboo contains lead and burning it produces lead oxide. Which is very harmful. Children, old people, it has a bad effect on the health of all the family and causes disease to increase.

Apart from this, phthalic acid is used to create aroma inside incense sticks. Which causes problems related to breathing. Many people burn a lot of incense sticks and sit inside its smoke, they are very likely to get respiratory diseases.

Cow Dung Dhoop Batti Benefits

There is no mention of incense sticks in Hindu original scriptures.

Cow Dung Dhoop Batti Benefits we do not find any mention of incense sticks in the original religious scriptures of Sanatan Dharma. Our ancestors used to perform yajna. Yagya was not only done for worshiping God but for the purification of environment and vision water, but today the practice is missing. Today we perform yajna only on special occasions, by using our dhoop wicks made of cow dung, you will feel the yajna in your house because we have also used different types of herbs put in the yajna, so that the environment is clean and fragrant. I will

Benefits of lighting Cow Dung Dhoop Batti Incense sticks

Giving incense establishes peace in the mind, body and home. Sickness and sorrow disappear. Home disputes and accidental incidents – accidents do not happen. The Vastu defects of the house get erased by coming out of all the negative energy prevailing inside the house. Even the sporadic bad effects of planets and constellations are removed by giving sunlight. The gods and ancestors are pleased by giving incense, with the help of which all kinds of troubles in life are eradicated. That’s why every person should use cow dung-made incense sticks daily at home, office, which will also protect the environment and humans, creatures, animals will all get its benefits and this is also a very good way to save the cow.

Cow Dung Dhoop Batti Method of burning incense made from cow dung

First of all light the incense stick made of cow dung well in the upper part of the incense stick around the fire. Then after burning, keep it in the stand and keep it in the worship bench or any corner of the house.

Cow dung dhoop making ingredients

In making cow dung dhoop batti we use Cow dung, Gugul, Desi cow ghee, Kapoor, Raal, Jatamanshi etc. we use many natural ingredients to making dhoop batti to beneficial of every person. when we use Goushrestha cow dung dhoop we feel like hawan or purify our house atmosphere.

Cow Dung Dhoop Batti Benefits

Cow dung dhoop batti , also known as cow dung incense sticks, have been traditionally used in various cultures for their spiritual and medicinal benefits. Here are some potential benefits associated with cow dung dhoop batti:

  1. Air Purification: Burning cow dung dhoop batti is believed to release smoke that acts as a natural air purifier. The smoke from cow dung contains certain antimicrobial properties that can help cleanse the surrounding air and eliminate harmful bacteria and insects.
  2. Mosquito Repellent: The smoke produced by cow dung dhoop batti is said to have mosquito-repellent properties. Burning these incense sticks may help keep mosquitoes and other insects away.
  3. Spiritual Significance: In many cultures, burning cow dung dhoop batti is considered a sacred practice and is believed to purify the environment and create a positive spiritual ambiance. It is often used in religious ceremonies, rituals, and meditation practices.
  4. Stress Relief: The aroma of cow dung dhoop batti is thought to have a calming effect on the mind and body. It is believed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and create a soothing atmosphere.
  5. Traditional Medicine: Cow dung has been used in traditional medicine for its potential therapeutic properties. It is believed to have antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. Burning cow dung dhoop batti may release certain beneficial compounds that can have a positive impact on respiratory health and general well-being.

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