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    In India or any Hindu, god-fearing family, a HAWAN is a must on different occasions. Be it baby naming, a new house or building or a festival, a havan has the entire family sitting together while the pandit speaks the mantras. 

    A HAWAN SAMAGRI has ingredients or samagri like leaves, herbal roots, ghee, milk, seeds, incense and grains. It also has dry coconut, guggal, agar wood, amla, bach, bay leaves, green cardamom, cloves, chharil, haldi, deodar, dhawaiphool, dry eucalyptus leaves, kapoor kachari, nutmeg, and the list goes on. 



     It is not just the samagri but also the material of the vessel which is most of the time made of copper. The fire is prepared in a copper pyramid, also known as the havan kund. Substances like ghee, dried cow dung, jaggery, brown rice are burned while chanting mantras.

    Here are some scientific benefits you must know of:

    1. Fire is more like a pesticide for your home
    2. Mantras are very relaxing and calming to the ears.
    3. Reduction of bacteria due to the burning of herbs.
    4. The ash of the yagna is an effective fertilizer.
    5. Removal of foul odours.


    HAWAN SAMAGRI is the blend of different herbal roots, leaves, grains, butter, milk, incense and seeds.

    Product hawan

    The main content in Havan Samagri are Agar Wood, Anwala, Bach, Baheda, Bawachi, Bay Leaves, Cardamom Green, Chharil, Cloves, Daru, Haldi, Deodar, DhawaiPhool, Dry Coconut or SookhaNariyal, Dry Eucalyptus leaves, Guggal or Guggul, Guruch, Harr or Harad, Howber, IndraJau, Jara Kush, JataMasi? or Balchhad, Kamal Gatta, Kapoor Kachari, Nag Keshar, Nagarmotha, Nutmeg, Red Sandal Wood, Sandal Wood, Sugandh Bala, Sugandh Kokila, Sugandh Mantri, Tagar Wood, Talish Patra, Tej Bal Wood, Tomad Bee. 

    HAWAN SAMAGRI when offered in the ablazed fire which disseminates in microform, in the air, to purify the environment besides activating the air as a disinfectant germicidal agent. 

    For puja hawan yagya or any worship of god use best hawan samagri it will support nature also. so use our goushrestha hawan samagri to your worship and puja.

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