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Organic sambrani cup prepaied by Cow Dung

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    Organic sambrani cup prepaied by Cow Dung . the Sambrani Cups available in the market are made from chemical and charcoal, when burning produces harmful smoke, which contaminates the environment of the house and is also very harmful for health, whereas the Sambrani Cup made from desi cow dung can be used for your home it Makes the environment clean and pure

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    Benefits of burning Goushrestha Vedic Havan Cup:-

    ✔By burning cow dung, ghee, havan material, Bhimseni camphor, the environment becomes clean.
    ✔Removes Vastu defects of the house.
    ✔Removes negative energy by purifying the atmosphere.
    ✔Keeps away microscopic harmful bacteria and mosquitoes.

    Why Goushrestha Cow Dung Vadic Havan Cup? 

    • 100% Natural & Organic Product 🌿🌿
    • Safe & Eco Friendly 🌏🌏
    • Best For Puja 🙏🙏
    • Keep away micro-harmful bacteria 🛡️🛡️
    • No Artificial Fragrance Added 🌼🌼
    • Charcoal & Chemical Free ◼️◼️

    Ingredients:- Made from Desi Cow Dung, Havan Samagri, Cow Urine, Desi Ghee, Bhimseni Kapoor, Guggul, Jatamasi, Palash, Raal, Nagarmotha, Neem etc.



    Goushrestha Vedic Havan Cup Order Now 


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