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What is Panchgavya Dhoop Benifits ?

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Panchagavya Dhoop is an organic product having the potential to play the role of promoting growth and providing immunity in plant system. Panchagavya consists of nine products viz. cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd, jaggery, ghee, banana, Tender coconut and water. When suitably mixed and used, these have miraculous effects.

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Benefits of Panchgavya

  • Panchagavya – A boon for Plants.
  • Panchagavya is a farmer’s best friend. It’s perfect for organic farming as it shields the plants from soil, micro-organisms, and enhances plant production.
  • Panchagavya is a magic fertilizer that works wonder for the health and growth of roots. It is much more profitable than synthetic fertilizer applications and chemical sprays. It is easy to prepare, comes at a cost easily affordable by the peasants.


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  1. Panchgavya is an organic product that can be used as a manure.
  2. It is prepared by using five main ingredients cow dung, cow urine, cow milk, Desi cow ghee and curd. It is used for organic farming as it plays a major role in the growth of plants and also in increasing the immunity of plants.
  3. By increasing the immunity, the plants will be able to resists the pests and disease caused by them.
  4. The speciality of panchgavya is its nutrient content.
  5. It also has micronutrients which are very much helpful in the growth of plants and their healthy development.
  6. Panchgavya also contains many vitamins, amino acids . It contains gibberellins and auxins which regulate the growth of plants.
  7. It doesn’t only heal the body but also lightens up a depressed mind.
  8. Panchgavya provides relieve in constipation and helps in maintaining weight through optimum digestion.



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