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What is The Cow Dung Dhoop Benefits ?

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Cow dung dhoop  has countless benefits of cow dung with it’s anti-bacterial properties. Purifies air and gives a sacred feeling of calmness. Made using 100% authentic organic herbs and free from artificial chemicals. Organic dhoop made from cow dung creates a conscious religious and spiritual aura at home. Each box contains 30 Incense sticks  and a clay incense holder. Each guggal dhoop incense stick is 10 cms long, having a burning time of 40 mins.


देसी गाय का घी 6


  • Dhoop sticks or incense sticks have a place in every household, mainly for the aroma they spread. But this wasn’t its prime purpose, and our ancestors had a more scientific reason for the use of Dhoop sticks at home. The organic and real incense sticks were made using the Desi cow’s dung and ghee. Free from harmful chemicals, it is said to create a positive aura and cleanse the environment. It is also effective in driving away mosquitos.
  • These also tend to have ample medicinal and therapeutic

properties like healing asthma, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, bronchitis, and digestive problems, etc., all of which also have a cure in aroma therapy. The incense sticks are also very effective in boosting focus and concentration, which is why monks and sages across civilizations have made this an integral part of their monastery and worship places.




  • It contains cow dung & cow ghee which produces large quantity of (oxygen) which empowers our nervous system & strengthens thinking & analytical skills. It purifies the air & make entire surrounding pure & spiritually surcharged.
  • Mental Stress, Depression, Negative thoughts are removed & mind become calm & peacful.
  • It lowers the level of indoor air pollutants like SO2 &  NO2 which is produce by  gas  stoves.
  • It contains sandalwood, Lobhan, camphor & Ushir which absorbs the pre-existing foul odour & replaces with sweet smelling herbal fragrance.
  • Cow dung, Neem, Camphor, Lobhan drive away evil spirits, black magic or Negative energy from home.
  • It removes bad planetary influence & Vastudosh


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